About Vetgrow

Vetgrow Pvt Ltd is a Sri Lankan company specialized in animal nutrition and care. Vetgrow manufactures and sells mainly nutritional supplements for pet, farm and zoo animals. In addition the Vetgrow manufactures shampoo for dogs, cats and horses as well as detergents for various uses in food processing industry.

Currently, the Vetgrow manufactures around 18 number of nutritional supplements for dogs, cats, cows, calves, swine, horses and elephants and shampoo for dogs, cats and horses.

Vetgrow is an outgrowth of two Sri Lankan academics in veterinary science (Dr.Prathapasinghe A. Gamika and Dr. Anura P. Jayasooriya) who toiled hard together to create an avenue for commercialization of their research outcomes. Making a reality of their utmost desire to commercialize their research outcomes, the two academics started their productions in the year 2009 at cottage level producing two products. The first two products of the Vetgrow are Bones-Up; nutritional supplement for pet dogs and Fur –Up; shampoo for pet dogs, cats as well as for horses.

In the year 2014 the Vetgrow was registered under Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka as a limited liable private company. Currently 12 number of staff works at the factory and the office of Vetgrow.

The Vetgrow products are unique as they always come through an academic research. In order to maintain the quality of the products the production process of each product is carefully examined by the two academics from time to time by self-involving in the production process and they are manufactured with internationally accepted standards. The products are manufactured under standard hygienic conditions. The packing process is maintained under standard hygienic conditions and the packing materials have been designed for maximum protection of the products by different factors such as spoiling, contamination etc.

The compositions of almost all the products have been tested by the Sri Lanka Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) and Sri Lanka Veterinary Research Institute. All the products have been protected under trade secrets or by obtaining IP rights under patents.

The applications for obtaining trade names for all the products have been filed in Sri Lanka National Intellectual Property Office to get the brand registration.

VETGROW ensures the quality and nutritional value of their produces constantly and dedicate to protect their reputation and loyalty of its customers.